Technology Development
Reliable and Efficient Encryption System for Cyber Security


Cyber Security is the technology for the protecting Websites, Webapps, e-commerce and other information technology systems including software, hardware and data, against cyberattacks or increasing operational efficiency in organisations.

Since last 100 years data safety became important and safeguarding data is major technological challenge. In this cyber era, our socio-ecomnomic activity is related to vast amount of data. Cyber security has big impact on industry, education, banking, government, financial institutes, telecom, individual user etc. Preventing Information theft is important aspect of cyber security for various institutions across the world.

A large number of enterprises moving toward cloud computing, with the high data volumes. This may lead to increase data theft, cyber-attacks and loss in companies. This would increase the demand for protection of sensitive and important data by deployment for encryption software. Robust and rock-solid encryption system is essential for cyber security.

Main Features of Technology

  • Efficient and optimized system for fast and reliable encryption
  • This system is developed from scratch with very advanced algorithm and it does not depend on any of existing encryption algorithm.
  • Key exchange and management is very much reliable and using different approach for this purpose.
  • Data transformation is possible without compromising safety.
  • Size of Output data is comparatively smaller than other system.
  • It safeguards data against various kind of attacks
  • Transformation of encrypted data is possible
  • It is possible to search inside encrypted data without compromising data safety
This technology is Useful for
  • Financial Institutions, banks, stock exchanges, Insurance Companies
  • Government Departments, private and public companies,
  • Educational institutes like university, colleges etc.
  • Information technology companies, mobile companies etc.
  • End users, home users